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Hello. I’m Lisa Salt. My husband, Gord Fowler, and I were talking one day about small business owners and what an important part they play in making Vernon a friendly, warm, and wonderful place to live. So Gord and I and the rest of our Salt Fowler Real Estate Team decided to give them some recognition. We decided to Sponsor the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards program for Vernon.

We just received this email, which makes it all worthwhile:

“Thank you so much for following up. My auntie doesn’t have social media so I put this page up for her. I will pass this message and info along. I can tell you however how much it truly meant to her to win this. We all moved from Alberta and she bought Lunch Matters… Breakfast Too with all she had and she puts her everything into it. Lunch Matters is her home and the customers her family! She works long hours and goes in every weekend even though they are closed to work. She was beyond happy. Thank you for making her smile :):)”

Award Selection Criteria

BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards are given out annually by the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Foundation. Selection of winners is based on a combination of a number of criteria:

  1. Businesses cannot nominate themselves. They must be nominated by a person separate from their company.
  2. Winners must be a local business operating in your community for more than one year.
  3. Winners must have a good reputation for being friendly to customers and providing consistent high quality products or services.
  4. Having reviews on Google and Yelp is a positive sign, with a good ratio of positive to negative reviews.
  5. Having a good looking website that functions well with testimonials from happy customers is not a necessity but it is an advantage.

Find out more about

To find out more about this international program to support local business and build community spirit visit their website –

Official 2017 Vernon – BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Award Winners

I hope you’ll join us in supporting local Vernon businesses by congratulating each of the winners below on winning a BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Award for 2017. They’ll feel better about themselves and everyone in Vernon will benefit.

If you are a 2017 Vernon Winner – Click Here


Nominations For 2018 Awards

We are giving out these awards once a year. If you feel we missed anybody please let us know by filling out the form below. We’ll certainly consider them seriously next year.

After you've filled in all the above fields that have a red * please click the small square box beside "I'm not a robot" so a green check mark appears. Then click the large "Nominate a Business for the 2018 Awards" button. If your submission is successful a short "Thank You" message will appear UNDER the button.