Three Free Gifts for Winners

Here you can do three important things to improve your business:

  1. Display “Winners” Logo on Your Website – Copy the small bit of code below and paste it into any page of your website to make the animated “Winners” logo automatically appear there. This will help you get more business from your website.
  2. More Stickers – Order more free stickers for your walls or windows if you need them. Please use the order form below.
  3. Download a High Resolution “Winners” Logo – If you need a high resolution logo for use on your printed materials such as brochures, posters, business cards, invoices, price lists, etc. please use the short form below to request a high quality .eps file specifically created for use on printed material. You can make it ANY size and it will always look sharp. If you use a low quality file on printed materials it will be blurry and not reflect well on your business.

1. Display “Winners” Logo on Your Website

Simply copy the code in the box to the right of the animated logo you feel would look good on your website, and paste it into the background code of any of your pages. If you have a WordPress website this will be very easy. If you need technical assistance, no matter what kind of website you have, simply visit this page on the Best of the Best Local Business Foundation website. One of their friendly Technical Support Specialists will be happy to help you.

The logo will be a clickable link to the Best of the Best Local Business Vernon page on this website so your website visitors can see your name on the Official List of Winners to verify that you actually did win.

While on that page they can also click the link to the Best of the Best Local Business website. The more your customers know about the award the more they’ll admire you as a winner.

2. More Stickers

The Salt Fowler Real Estate Team is happy to make these stickers available to Award winning businesses at no charge.

* Indicates Required Information

3. Download a High Resolution “Winners” Logo

Please fill out the short form below so we can email you the high resolution BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Vernon 2017 “Winner” logo.

* Indicates Required Information

Don’t Have A Website, or Want A New One?

The Salt Fowler Real Estate Team uses a marketing agency that can build you a high quality website for as low as $199 a month. It’s easy to use and will help you get customers from the internet. They’re called Standard Marketing. They’ve been building world-class websites since 1999. This special offer includes all these features:

  1. Mobile Website – Includes a Responsive Mobile website that looks good and works well on smart phones, tablets, laptops, any size computer screen.
  2. Domain Name – Included for as long as you’re their customer.
  3. Website Hosting – Included for as long as you’re their customer, on servers designed specifically for WordPress websites(very fast).
  4. Ten Email Addresses – Includes up to 10 corporate email addresses, for example –, or Whatever you like.
  5. Blog – So your website visitors can leave a comment and search for related blog articles.
  6. Slideshow – A slideshow on the homepage can be very attractive.
  7. Contact Us Page Form – Some new customers prefer to use a form for the first contact with you.
  8. Choose Your Look – Your choice of a number of beautiful website designs.
  9. Auto Updating – Your WordPress website automatically updates itself to the latest version for ongoing security.
  10. Flexible – You can make changes to your website yourself 24/7 – add/delete/change pages, photos, and text.
  11. Automatic © Copyright JavaScript – They provide their own custom JavaScript so that the year in your © Copyright claim at the bottom of every web page is always current. Your website always looks up-to-date.
  12. They offer further options at very reasonable prices, such as:
    1. Social Media – Set up Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts for you and link them to your website.
    2. Photography – Professional photography of your premises, your products, your staff, etc.
    3. Professional Writing – Their writing team does the research, writes the articles, finds a relevant photo, and posts the blogs to your website and to your social media accounts.
    4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization gets your website to the top of Google organic search results. This brings a steady stream of potential customers to your website.
    5. And many more.

Visit their website by clicking here – for more information on this special website construction offer.