How Do I Conduct an Online Home Search?

Starting your home buying search online is a great first step.  However, many potential buyers quickly become overwhelmed looking at an endless supply of properties.  As your premier agent specializing in Vernon’s real estate market, I would like to help you streamline your online home search, so that you can save time and still find your perfect home.

Work with a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when starting an online search is not having any parameters.  The easiest way to streamline your online search is to set a budget.  Go to a few banks and contact some mortgage brokers to see how much you will be pre-approved for.  Use this number as a starting point when looking at homes.  By looking within your price range, you will greatly reduce the number of homes in your search.

Here’s the Deal:

To broaden your search just a bit, try looking at homes just outside of your maximum price range.  You may be able to negotiate with the seller and settle on a price that is within your budget.

Key Features

To further streamline, make a list of the key features that you are looking for in your dream home.  Rank these features from most important and non-negotiable to features that you may be willing to compromise on.  Some features that you may want to consider when making this list include:

  • Approximate square footage of your home.
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Walkability score.
  • Proximity to schools, community centres and distance from your work.
  • Crime rate of the area, traffic in the area, any upcoming or ongoing developments.
  • Proximity to shopping centres, grocery stores and other businesses.

When making your list, be sure that you are thorough and have included everything that is important to you.  You do not want to purchase a home only to have buyer’s remorse.

Go with the Pro

Once you have narrowed your online home list down to the properties that are within your budget and have the key features that are important to you, it is time to contact a real estate agent.  The right agent will be able to arrange showings at your select properties and they will also be able to introduce you to other properties that you may have missed or overlooked.

The right real estate agent will prove invaluable when negotiating a final sale price and they will be able to take care of the arduous paperwork that is part of buying a home.

An online home search is a great start in finding your dream home.  If you have any other questions about how to conduct an online home search or would like to see some of the new and exciting properties that are available on Vernon’s real estate market, please contact me today.  I look forward to helping you find your dream home today.


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