Alex Wambold


Alex Wambold, Realtor – Salt Fowler

REMAX Platinum Club, Accredited Commercial Professional (A.C.P.), Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE)

Languages spoken: German, Russian, English

Born in Russia and growing up in Germany, Alex had the opportunity to learn to speak both languages fluently. Alex realized at an early age that the sooner you start, the less time you will waste, and the more successful you will become. Being driven by this inner motivation Alex started his career at the age of 17, working his first job in the Vancouver area as a staff member in a produce store. Soon after he started working there, all the Managers and Directors noticed his strong work ethic and sincerity towards co-workers and customers. He was promoted from staff member to the assistant manager in a company employing over 30 people.

At 18, Alex and his older brother decided to buy their first townhouse, which became the start of their interest in real estate investing. Shortly thereafter, Alex and his brother started a flooring business in the Vancouver area. Within 4 years, the two young men grew their business to a 7 man crew, installing flooring in large developments throughout Vancouver.

But the intention had always been to continue to grow and climb up the ladder to success. Alex and his brother moved to Vernon to be closer to their family and to start investing in real estate in that community. At any early age Alex learned how to build houses from scratch to finish, which helped him be knowledgeable when buying and selling real estate. Watching his dad invest in real estate in Germany and managing all of his father’s properties gave him valuable experience.

Alex is a loving family man and enjoys nothing more than playing with his nephews and nieces. He also found the woman of his dreams and was married to the lovely Marina in the summer of 2012, with their first child, Sophia, arriving in 2013 and second, Julia, in July 2015.. He is very involved in the church and very recently became the assisting youth leader of his church.

Alex has always enjoyed sports and takes advantage of all the beautiful Vernon lakes have to offer, however his favorite sport is to ride his motorbike throughout the beautiful Okanagan valley.

When people ask him whether its nicer here or back in Germany, Alex tells them that it is up to us to decide how to make everything nicer around us. This attitude has been driving him throughout his years and has brought success and achievement to him at a young age.

Today Alex is proud to call be part of one of the best companies in the Okanagan valley, and is looking forward to use his life, construction and language skills to build up his career as a Realtor, always being driven by one motivation… the sooner you start, the better you get.

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