The Outback Resort on Okanagan Lake Year End Update

Good Morning!

Just wanted to give you the Outback year end update before it gets past year end 🙂  Things could change in the next week if another unit is listed or sells, however I think our numbers are going to be fairly close 🙂
There were 12 sales at the Outback in 2017, ranging from $270,000 to $1,392,000.  Here are all the sales for 2017:
There are currently 14 units actively for sale at the Outback:
Also during the year, two units were withdrawn off the market (one unit was relisted and sold; the second was a bundle of two units that was later unbundled and sold separately – of those two units in the bundle, the one unit sold and the other smaller unit remains on the market for sale.  In addition, 7 units expired and of those 7, 2 relisted and are still on the market, and 1 was sold internally to a family member.  The other remain unsold and off the market at the present time.
Although compared to the rest of the market these numbers aren’t earth shattering, these are the best numbers the Outback as ever seen for resales.
Our team is proud to be part of over 50% of the sales mentioned above and hoping to help more Outback sellers and buyers in 2018!  For any further information, call any one of our Outback experts today at 250-549-7258 or   Or check us out at
Have a great holiday season!
Lisa, Gord and the Salt Fowler Team

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