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Pay a low real estate commission, and will that Realtor® deliver the same high level of service and marketing and attention that the Salt Fowler Team will? What do you think?

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Sale Price as Percentage of Asking Price – Salt Fowler sells for $7,232 more*

*Based on N. Ok. OMREB Salt Res stats Jan – Dec 31, 2016; OMREB From Realtorlink stats:1.68% difference X $430,488 average price = $7,232 more money

And to top it off, we sell our clients’ homes FASTER, resulting in less hassle and aggravation for you:

*Based on N. Ok. OMREB stats res SF Jan – Dec 31 2016 Salt

© Salt Fowler

It’s not the Market – it’s the Marketing! For more information how you too can earn over $7000 more on average on your home sale, contact us below.