The Most Important Spring Lawn Care Tips

In order to get that perfect, green, lush lawn for the summer, you need to begin your routine now.  By starting your yard maintenance in the spring, you will give your lawn the head start it needs and extend its growing season.  As the premier agent for all your Vernon real estate needs, I would like to share the following spring lawn care tips that will get your yard ready for the summer.


It is important to thoroughly rake your lawn to remove that layer of dead grass, otherwise known as thatch.  If not removed, this dead layer of grass can wreak havoc on your lawn and cause drought, dead patches and allow weeds to flourish.  By removing the thatch, you will allow for better aeration and more even and deeper watering.  Before doing any other lawn care jobs, make sure to rake your yard.

Seed and Weed

After you have raked your yard and removed as much thatch as possible, add a layer of grass seed. By reseeding your lawn, you will make it more weed resistant and you will also end up with a fuller and lusher lawn.

Proper mowing, seeding and irrigation are the best ways to keep weeds at bay.  However, it may be worth your while to dig out dandelions and other unwanted weeds before seeding your lawn.


The secret to any great lawn is a well-established care routine.  Why not start this routine early?  In order to get the healthiest and fullest lawn possible, your yard care routine should include the following:

  • A watering routine. Always water early in the morning or in the evening to prevent any burning and to limit evaporation.  Make sure to follow any watering restrictions or other bylaws.
  • A proper mowing schedule. Raise your lawnmower to a higher setting and mow your yard more often to encourage a healthy lawn.  It is also recommended that you alternate direction each time you mow to keep your grass as vibrant and healthy as possible.
  • Seed your lawn a few times a year to fill in any bare patches. You can also use an organic fertilizer when needed to give your lawn that extra boost of nutrients.  Always follow the directions on the labels and never overfeed your grass.


Your most important lawn tool by far is your lawn mower.  It will keep your lawn healthy and even all year long, so you need to take good care of it.  Before mowing your yard, take the time to do some routine maintenance.

  • Clean or replace the air filter and sparkplug.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer so that your mower runs smoother.
  • Change the oil.
  • Sharpen the blade. A dull blade makes your lawn more susceptible to disease and weeds.

These important spring lawn care tips will get your yard ready for the summer months.  If you would like other care tips or are interested in some of the new and exciting real estate properties that are available in Vernon, please contact me today.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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