Vernon Real Estate Update for June 2018

This North Okanagan Real Estate Update covers the areas of:  Vernon, Coldstream, Falkland, Armstrong, Enderby and Lumby.

Updated Stats for Residential Homes in the North Okanagan:

Sell/Inventory Ratio:   

20.29%  (this is how much of what is currently on the market sold last month)

Days to Sell:  

44 (how many days on average it is taking to sell a home)

Avg. Sale Price:  

$528,700 (averages can be skewed by a few really high, or really low $$ sales)

Median Sale Price:  

$475,000 (the exact middle sale price of every residential property sold last month)

Waterfront Home Sales: 

9  waterfront home sold year to date (versus 7 last year, same time period)

North Okanagan overall statistics:

Total Units that were newly LISTED (and active on the market) during each of the past 3 months:

Apr:       391

May:     489

Jun:      489 (coincidence!)

Total Units SOLD (all property types including raw land and commercial) during each of the past 3 months:

Apr:      190

May:     237

Jun:      204

Wrap Up:

Sellers:  The market continues to get just a little bit softer every month.  This is now the fifth month in a row where the volume of sales has declined.  To put this into perspective, the most number of months we had with a consecutive decline in volume in 2017 was 2 months.

Inventory of homes on the market has also now increased to 1555 versus 1494 last year.  This is the first month in many years that the number of homes on the market listed for sale actually increased year over year.  This means more competition for your home in today’s market.

The new real estate rules are still a serious learning curve and we encourage the public to please be heard (as per the above).

Here is a link to our article on the first, and most widely used, new form that complies with the new BC Real Estate Rules.

Buyers:  Now inventory of homes on the market has increased 5 months in a row.  This month increased again over 2017 numbers, as mentioned above.  Sales also decreased 32.89% which once again, means more choices of homes on the market and eventually less in the way of multiple offers (price range dependent, of course).  For buyers, this market brings many opportunities.

Here is a link to our article on being an Unrepresented Party, a solution to buying a home from the name on the sign under the new real estate rules (something buyers may be faced with more often than they think).

Are you finding these new Real Estate Rules Confusing?  Are you annoyed with all the forms?  Are you against all the forests that are going to be eliminated with this excessive use of paper?

Me Too.

The only way to make a change to these new rules is for the public to speak up. If you want the choice of being able to speak freely with a Realtor and receive more than just “how many bedrooms” and “how many bathrooms” a home has without being bogged down in paperwork first – please take a moment and contact MLA: Hon. Carole James Minister of Finance and Michael Noseworthy: The Superintendent of Real Estate: with your thoughts.

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