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Frequently asked questions of Vernon Realtors, answered here!  If you have your own real estate question, please submit below and we would be happy to answer your question for you.  


Seller Real Estate Questions:


Q.  How do I select a Realtor?


A.  Regardless of whether you are in a seller's market, a buyer's market, or a balanced market, choosing a full time real estate professional is the most important decision you can make.  Many think that if the market is good, that any realtor can sell their house.  Or, they feel they can go "For Sale by Owner" and net just as much money.  We have personally seen many instances where this is most definitely not the case.  The most important things you need in your realtor are: Superior negotiation skills (to ensure you get top dollar - anyone can sell a home, it's what you net from the sale that counts), Expansive marketing plan (more exposure ultimately equals more money in your pocket) and Knowledge/Experience (Past history normally repeats itself).  


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Q.  How Important are Professional Photos and Video in the sale of my home?





Q.  Why Should I List My Home in the Winter / Holiday Season? 




Buyer Real Estate Questions:  

Q.  Why do I need an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?


A.  Any agent can provide the following services to any buyer:  Arrange Property Showings, Assist with Obtaining Financing, Provide Details on the Property and Explain the Forms and Agreements.  However there is far more to buying real estate than just those things.  By contract, an exclusive Buyer's Agent can provide you with those services above as well as all of these additional services:   Confidential Assistance (your exclusive buyer’s agent will never disclose the reason you are buying or what you are willing to pay for a property),  Gives Expert Advice on what to offer or what to include in the price you offer and will help to ensure that you do not Overpay for a home and get you the Best Price,  Discover and Disclose information about the property … even reasons not to buy, 


Any single one of these services can save you thousands of dollars or possibly save you from the heartache of buying the wrong home. It was established over 10 years ago that buyers also deserved representation. Prior to that, all realtors actually had to work for the seller, often leading to lawsuits as buyers thought they were being represented equally, when in fact only the Sellers interests were being represented.   An Excusive Buyer's Agent is legally obligated to look after YOUR best interest as a buyer. 


Q.  First Time Buyer Tips



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