How We Sell Your Home

1. What to expect in the first week after listing:

  • Our Salt Fowler “For Sale” sign will be placed on your property within approximately 48-72 hours.
  • Our professional photographer will contact you to arrange a time to measure the home, take still pictures and create a virtual tour. For the best pictures, please keep the garage door closed, the yard neat, and cars out of the driveway.
  • We will quickly advise our associates as well as the MLS of the availability of your home and encourage cooperating brokers to show it.
  • An online advertisement of your home has already been submitted to our social media expert to advertise your home online as a “New Listing”.
  • Your home will be presented during our weekly sales meeting. We will also network with all other area real estate agents to encourage their cooperation in the successful sale of your home.

2. Working Together Gets Your Home Sold!

Our goal is to give your property ultimate exposure and to find the best qualified buyers. While your property is on the market, we ask you to remember to do the following:

  • Keep the property in showing condition – the better it shows, the faster it sells and for the most money. Remember – decluttering/ depersonalizing is the name of the game. For more in depth information, please see our Home Staging Tips.
  • Call us if you have any changes (anything that will affect our ability to keep your property available for showing).
  • If your sign gets damaged or falls down and you are unable to fix it yourself, please call our office directly and we will be pleased to look after that for you.
  • We will provide feedback on showings whenever possible – please note we attempt 3 times to contact other Realtors for feedback but often other Realtors will not participate in giving feedback. We will do our best!

3. Advertising

The following advertising mediums are presented to you in order of most to least effective. Statistics show that over 90% of buyers begin their home search on the internet. Yes, people still look through the weekly real estate newspapers over their Sunday morning porridge, but serious buyers are either online, calling a Realtor or driving around.

  • Websites (,, and ~ Advertised worldwide. Please note it can take up to a week to upload new listings &/or changes in We also have many additional domain names that create consistent traffic to our website.
  • Online and Social Media ~ Our comprehensive program will blow your mind! Stay tuned and we will be sending you the detailed information on all the many places your property is advertised on the world wide web.
  • Signs & Signs still account for approximately 20% of all buyers The sign will be put up normally within 48-72 hours of listing.

**With the above marketing program, we have proven time and time again if a property is not receiving interest – either no showings, or no second showings – a price adjustment must be made.

4. What to Do Before a Showing

There are a number of things we recommend that a Seller can do to help the sale of their home. Following these instructions will help you increase the amount of money you get for your home as well as facilitate a quicker sale.

  • Cleanliness and Tidiness: A clean and tidy house and exterior shows better and commands a higher price. Consider hiring a cleaning service or landscaping company recognizing that it is a justified moving expense (we can refer a reliable service to you).
  • Brightness: Open curtains and turn on all the lights. A bright home is a happy home!
  • Vacant Showings: When the Seller is not at home or in earshot, potential Buyers are more likely to express their opinions about your home. The Selling Realtor is then more able to handle their objections and deal with them at once.
  • Heating/Cooling: Warm in the winter (light the fireplace if you have one) and cool in the summer (turn on the air conditioner if applicable)
  • Smells: Try to conceal or eliminate any displeasing odours. Try not to cook any ‘smelly’ foods directly before a showing. Potpourri, bread baking or even vanilla on a light bulb makes the home smell more appealing to Buyers.
  • Pets: Remove barking or biting dogs during showings. Clean that cat litter box!
  • Spaciousness: Remove clutter! In the kitchen, remove excess kitchen gadgets off the counter and leave as much counter space showing as possible. Bathroom counters too. If you have too much ‘stuff’, feel free to pack up some boxes and pile them neatly in the basement or in the corners of the rooms. Alternatively, rent a storage locker.
  • Nicks, Cuts, Cracks: A little touch up paint will go a long, long way.
  • Repairs: Identify and repair dripping faucets, sticking or creaking doors, etc. When people see areas of disrepair they begin to wonder whether there may be other unseen problems.
  • Snow: Keep pathways cleared to avoid lawsuits.

5. Offers

Real Estate Truisms:

  • Offers often come in when you least expect it – impatience doesn’t make offers come any faster.
  • The first offer is often the best offer.
  • If an offer comes in shortly after your home is listed, it probably isn’t because it was priced too low but rather there was someone waiting for a property just like yours. Be happy! You’ll likely get more money by selling more quickly.

When an offer comes in:

  • We will call you to either come in and meet us at the office or discuss the details verbally for the preliminary counter offer.
  • We will discuss your options which are always:
  1. Accept the offer as written;
  2. Counter the terms and conditions of the offer that match your needs; or
  3. Reject the offer outright.
  • Then we get together and sign the offer.

After an Offer is accepted:

  • If there are subjects on the accepted offer, your home is not yet sold. There are still conditions and a small percentage of the time the offer will fail if the buyer cannot satisfy those conditions.
  • Please do not discuss the agreed upon price with neighbours or other Realtors, etc. until conditions are removed.

After the Subjects are removed from the Offer:

  • Yahoo! Your home is now SOLD! We will put the sold sign up and call to say “congratulations”!
  • You may now disclose the price and you can safely start packing!
  • We will forward your documents to your legal representative who will begin to prepare documents on your behalf.
  • Approximately one week prior to the completion date, your lawyer or notary will contact you to arrange an appointment to sign documents.

6. Common Concerns If Your Home Does Not Sell

1. We have had NO SHOWINGS on our home!

  • Market conditions are slow.
  • The price of the property is too high to attract buyers (most likely problem).
  • Property is very unique and requires a specialized buyer, who has not yet come along.
  • Property is located in a poor resale area.
  • Exterior of the home is unappealing when people drive by.

2. We have had several showings, but Salt Fowler hasn’t shown it once!

  • All showings from all companies are generated through our marketing efforts.
  • We show our own listings 1 out of 8 times on average. We try whenever possible to show your home, but won’t waste your time showing your home if your property does not match their criteria nor will we show your home to unqualified buyers.
  • There are over 250 Realtors in our market area that we work with.

3. We’ve had lots of showings but no offers& yet!

  • The property is overpriced for the current market conditions.
  • The property is unique and we have to wait for the right buyer.
  • The property requires too much work to update. Again, pricing is the problem.

4. We can’t lower our price but it seems that our home is still too high for the market!

  • We are happy to continue to market your property – you stick with us and we’ll stick by you for the long run!
  • You will have to wait for a unique buyer to pay your price.
  • Remember that if you sell low you will also buy low.

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